31 January 2022

Feedback: Our Business Growth Hub Advisors

Our Growth Hub Advisors are able to offer free support to North Lincolnshire SME’s on a range of subjects such as budgeting, cashflow management, sales and marketing, and training. 

Please see below some feedback our Business Growth Hub Advisors have received. Please contact our team for more information: businessinfo@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297330.

Jose was so helpful and so inspiring, a real joy to work with.  Jose supported and encouraged me in all areas. The webinars Jose recommended were very helpful. The meetings and training I had with Jose was well delivered and taught me a lot. What I've learnt and gained from this whole experience has got myself and my business off to a really good start and very good foundation to continue. I can't thank Jose enough!


I've found all my time doing this really helpful and have gained so many useful skills, and has given me much more confidence with it all.

North Lincolnshire Motorcycles

Jose has been fantastic from start to finish. She has help me realise the potential of the business and helped to educate me in a lot of areas I was previously ignorant to. Jose has been incredibly patient and understanding in her approach and I can not recommend her enough to people looking to grow their business. The overall programme was great and I hope to contact Jose in the future with further success.

The Mortgage Space

The Support was through and relevant. I would recommend this programme to other new businesses.

Susan's Craft Club

Jose has been absolutely amazing, and I have thoroughly benefited from working with her to grow my business. Her industry knowledge and connections are brilliant, and she has been there for advice and guidance whenever needed.

Doughnut Dreams

The help, knowledge and encouragement they gave myself went above and beyond the requirement needed and has really helped me to develop a better foundation and structure for the new business I have. We’re now working together on other aspects, to further help my development within my new business venture.

North Lincolnshire Motorcycles