Community Led Local Development

European Structural and Investment Funds

The CLLD programme will run until December 2021. There is £1.06m of funding available for projects that will create jobs and economic growth in certain disadvantaged areas within Scunthorpe – please see map showing eligible areas.

The CLLD Programme is currently closed and not accepting new applicants.

CLLD Priorities

  • Priority Objective 1: to address health and disability including mental health as a barrier to employment –
    • To enable individuals for whom their health and disability presents barriers to entry into the labour market, access training and employment opportunities reducing inactivity and unemployment
    • To encourage and support local businesses to recruit individuals with health and disability issues increasing vacancies and reducing economic inactivity
  • Priority Objective 2: to support entrepreneurship through pre-start support and support for micro and small enterprises in the CLLD area including social enterprises –
    • To encourage entrepreneurship and increase the number of businesses in North Lincolnshire’s most deprived communities providing employment and training opportunities for local residents
    • To support existing micro enterprises to grow and develop increasing employment opportunities and supporting economic development across the LAG area
  • Priority Objective 3: to support particular disadvantaged groups into labour market participation –
    • To address and remove the specific barriers to labour market participation faced by particular disadvantaged groups e.g. ex-offenders, veterans, women and individuals from BME backgrounds reducing unemployment and social exclusion
  • Priority Objective 4: to deliver early intervention activity which will raise aspirations within communities and address worklessness and deprivation -
    • To reduce levels of unemployment amongst young people within the CLLD area by working directly with young people at risk of becoming NEET or not meeting their potential
    • To affect a step change across the CLLD communities by raising aspirations of an entire generation of young people thus reducing entrenched worklessness and deprivation
    • To improve the employability skills of young people to ensure they are able to move into employment in the future
  • Priority Objective 5: to stimulate local level collaboration amongst local residents, the public, private and vol/com sectors, small businesses and other stakeholders -
    • To support and increase innovation amongst local businesses to facilitate the development of new products/services/ways of working
    • To build social capacity and ensure a coherent approach to CLLD and other activity within North Lincolnshire’s most deprived communities
    • To ensure the sustainability of CLLD activity following programme completion by creating lasting networks and structures

Further information on the priorities can be found in the North Lincolnshire CLLD Local Development Strategy (LDS). This can be found here.

Local Action Group

The CLLD Local Action Group (LAG) is up and running. The Local Action Group is a mixture of local public, private and voluntary organisations who have come together to deliver the CLLD Local Development Strategy for disadvantaged areas of Scunthorpe.

The group meets on a quarterly basis to make decisions on project applications, monitor budgets and review progress of the Local Development Strategy to ensure the priorities are being delivered. We are always happy to encourage new members onto the LAG, especially if you live or work in the CLLD area. Please contact for further information.


If you are interested in applying, please use the postcode checker to see if you/your beneficiaries are in an eligible CLLD area.

How to Apply

If you are based in an eligible postcode area, please complete the attached Expression of Interest form and send it to EOI’s can be submitted at any time. Please note that you will be expected to find approximately 40% of the total project cost yourself. Only in exceptional circumstances will the LAG agree to provide more than 60% of the total from the CLLD fund.

For all enquiries regarding CLLD please contact:

Shalon Perkins
CLLD Programme Co-ordinator
01724 297768