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The UK government is providing £220 million funding through the UK Community Renewal Fund to help local areas prepare for the launch of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in 2022.

North Lincolnshire has been awarded approximately £1.3million for 4 locally led projects as part of the UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF).

The government’s Community Renewal Fund programme is providing funding for locally-led, innovative projects to support local communities and businesses.

The Community Renewal Fund will pilot imaginative new programmes to boost productivity and grow local economies and help local areas prepare for the launch of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in 2022.

The North Lincolnshire projects being funded through the Community Renewal Fund are:

Aspire to Progress

Aspire to Progress aims to support employers to address skills needs through offering a range of fully funded short courses targeted at engineering, manufacturing, construction, management and digital skills. The courses can meet a specific need or be a taster before a higher education programme or apprenticeship.

The project includes employer engagement, identification of training needs and training delivery, ensuring delivery maximises opportunities to overcome engagement barriers, the delivery of flexible provision meeting a broad range of employer needs and a focus on feeding lessons learnt into future curriculum development and delivery.

Please contact for further information.

Building Prosperous Communities

We believe that the whole community benefits when everybody and everything has a purpose and is cared for.

Our project will help upskill local people in skills gap areas and move them into work through accredited training, life coaching and developing employability. R-evolution will deliver Cycle Maintenance and Horticulture training programmes engineered to provide community benefit. Trainees will typically come from a range of backgrounds including people at risk of offending, homelessness, mental health conditions and long-term unemployment. They are often ‘stuck’ and lack confidence, skills, experience, sound work ethics, good communication and a purpose in life. Individuals may need a range of personalised interventions including accredited training, relevant employment experience, soft skills, mentoring and partner agency assistance in order to move forward.

Community benefit is in the form of adding value to Normanby Hall (an RHS partner Garden) and various cycle projects including community training, cycle loans, rides and social network building.

In addition to skills and employment the initiative will operate as a circular economy contributing towards climate change and recycling objectives, enable opportunities for social distancing, health and exercise and help to bring communities together through inclusive community activity.

The Plus Skills Centre element of the project will help individuals develop the skills needed to upcycle and repurpose items for reuse and to ultimately reduce our carbon footprint.

The enterprise project will develop many transferable skills and knowledge such as:

  • Communication
  • Hand skills (Developed by engaging in woodcrafts, engineering, construction, photography, media, art)
  • Creative thinking
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Finance/Business
  • Teamwork
  • Organisational and planning

We will work with individuals with Special Educational Needs, learning difficulties, mental health Issues and disabilities.The aim of the project is to boost the confidence of individuals, improve self esteem and remove barriers to progression to further education/training and employment.

Please contact for further information.

Crosby Transformations

Crosby Together are delighted to bring Crosby Transformations to the area of Crosby in Scunthorpe. The project will support people and organisations in Crosby towards an exciting and prosperous future.

The project is led by Crosby Together and Oasis Henderson Avenue who are joined by New Life Church and Oatridge Coaching Ltd to develop existing services and spaces and birth some exciting new projects.

Our plans include:

  • Expansion to the existing Fresh Food Provision which brings affordable food to the community
  • Relaunch of Family Nights, a place where food is shared, and homework problems addressed
  • Launch of an Amnesty project in conjunction with our local police
  • Delivering a popular Tenancy Support programme*
  • Creation of Harbours – free safe spaces where those looking for work, or wanting to start their own business, and those in business can meet to share ideas, receive coaching and network*
  • Providing a Container space to allow business concepts to be trialled in a risk free environment*
  • Bringing on additional staff to work with the areas residents to understand their needs and offer support particularly in the context of those for whom English is not their first language
  • Creating opportunities for local residents to become Community Translators

*These may be accessed from those who are part of the wider North Lincolnshire area and as such not restricted to Crosby residents.

Please contact for further information.


Reconnect is a short-term post pandemic programme to re-engage members of our communities with their pre-Covid energy, plans and ambitions.

The project offers a range of activities such as:

  • Learning new skills
  • Day trips (shopping centres, museums, garden centres etc)
  • Tea & Coffee Mornings (make new friends)
  • Cooking
  • Craft
  • Walking groups
  • Employment support
  • Mental health support
  • Counselling

If Covid is getting you down, you don’t need to be alone.

Please contact the Ongo Reconnect Team on 01724 2979900 (and select option 6) or by visiting for further information.


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