28 January 2020

Scunthorpe-based company offers a seamless service

The only Scunthorpe-based company that installs seamless aluminium gutters was opened by Andrew Midgley and is going from strength to strength.

After being made redundant when the local company he worked for moved its warehouse to Wales, Andrew decided it was time to bring to light his dream of offering aluminium seamless guttering. He discovered this type of guttering while living on the Northeast coast of America.

Andrew set up his company so that homes in the UK could have reliable and beautiful guttering that can last decades. The guttering is the number one choice in the USA and Canada. “It needs very little maintenance, is stylish and has a lower impact on the environment than plastic – and it can withstand just about anything the weather can throw at them”, explains Andrew.

Andrew continues:

“We started out by replacing old guttering with seamless gutters made from 90 per cent recycled aluminium, with the only digital gutter forming machine in the UK. We now offer the installation of fascia and soffits, moss roof removal and biocide treatment as well as a gutter clear out service using our powerful SkyVac cleaning system which means we can do it from the safety of the ground.

“We are a BBA certified installer of aluminium seamless guttering.  We have worked with a few residential construction companies and are in the process of working on a listed building.

“When I initially became redundant I had the help of a Growth Hub Business Adviser, who was a wonderful help. Always taking my calls and answering any questions that I had and if they didn’t know he always found the answer.”