3 November 2021

North Lincolnshire Council announces new platform for YORtender

On 31 December 2021 the YORtender e-procurement portal (YORtender.co.uk) which North Lincolnshire Council use for advertising new tender opportunities, will move from its current platform to a new platform provider.

A three month transition period will take place prior to this date with existing opportunities continuing on the current platform and new opportunities advertised on the new platform.


All registered suppliers are invited to register their organisation with the new platform supplier as soon as possible at https://yortender.eu-supply.com <https://yortender.eu-supply.com>  so as not to miss any opportunities.  We also invite new suppliers to register on this new platform to ensure access to new opportunities.  Please refer to the attached guidance document for further details on how to register.


Your organisation may already be registered if you have used any EU-Supply.com tender portals in the past and if this is the case we would encourage you to check your organisation profile is accurate with suitable contact details included.


All Live Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems will be migrated to the new platform and suppliers registered on these will be notified of any impacts / changes to the further competition processes.


As with the current YORtender e-procurement portal, access is free of charge and a helpdesk link is available within the portal to provide support if required”