8 April 2021

New Business Advisors for North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council has recently appointed two new business advisors. Jose Stewart joins us a Business Advisor, and Craig Healey as a Visitor Economy Business Advisor. You can find more out about them both below.

Jose Stewart - Business Advisor 

My life purpose is to help and inspire people to live their BEST life professionally and personally.

I am very excited to start working as a business advisor in North Lincolnshire, helping business owners with their growth aspirations or supporting budding entrepreneurs who would like to start a new business. 

Twenty five years of my career has been spent working in the recruitment sector in a management position

I managed a very profitable recruitment business for 10 years with an annual sales revenue of £3.5m. 

I am an experienced business development professional with a great track record of helping businesses reach their sales and business growth targets. 

I have vast experience working with many different sectors in Lincolnshire and the Humber. 

I have an entrepreneurial mind, I am very creative and I love working collaboratively with my clients to help them achieve their dreams and goals. 

I have project managed the opening of two new start up businesses in hospitality and recruitment.

I started my own freelance business development company in March 2018 which I ran for two years.

As well as my full-time job I have a life coaching business and I specialise in personal development.

In the last two years I have worked in the funding sector supporting and helping businesses to become more energy-efficient via the help of ERDF grant funding.

I thrive on challenges and love working with clients who want to grow both personally and professionally. 

I am a good motivator and 100% committed to achieving results for the clients I work with.

Craig Healey - Visitor Economy Business Advisor

Craig has a solid background of senior management posts within the hotel and hospitality sectors throughout the UK. 

He has extensive experience of customer service and visitor economy commercial operations. 

A founding member of NLHA (Northern Lincolnshire Hoteliers Association) where he is also the Chairperson. 

Along with this he also sits on the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce area council for the South Bank representing hospitality.