10 August 2022

Invest in a greener future for North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire Community Energy (NLCE) has been set up to help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in the local community.

By installing solar panels on available rooftop spaces, NLCE offers schools and community organisations in Scunthorpe the chance to switch to clean, green, renewable energy sources. NLCE will be ran by local people and will continuously seek to invest in the community to support tackling climate change. The Council have kick-started this with the support of a £1.4m Towns Fund grant and will shortly be seeking further investment from the community to continue driving forwards this initiative and rollout of solar. Those who invest will help to provide a greener future for the whole of North Lincolnshire.


Cllr Rob Waltham said “We are delighted to have North Lincolnshire Community Energy setup to drive forwards our local net zero ambition. With record government investments in protecting the environment and through the support of the £20.9m Scunthorpe Towns Deal we can continue to make real change in North Lincolnshire. Climate change is one of our biggest challenges which we must address and through the support of this Government’s investment and the local community we can tackle this head on and make changes in our local schools and community. I am looking forward to North Lincolnshire Community Energy contributing to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future in North Lincolnshire.

The benefits of investing in NLCE:

As an investor, you will:

  • Enable vital community organisations, such as schools, to reduce their energy costs and to promote the importance of renewable energy
  • Accelerate the amount of renewable energy available in North Lincolnshire
  • Enjoy a modest return on your investment (investments start from £100)
  • Become an NLCE member and shape the future of the project and the community

The scheme will be managed financially by Energy4All who are experts in renewable energy projects. Capital is secured interest is above current high street offers

For more details on the scheme and to register interest in the community share offer, go to the North Lincolnshire Community Energy website.