23 September 2021

North Lincolnshire Council launch their go smokefree award this Stoptober.

Businesses are encouraged to take part in the smokefree work place award this October.

The North Lincolnshire Council wellbeing at work team are launching a new award this Stoptober for all workplaces in North Lincolnshire. The Smokefree workplace award is part of the Healthy Workplace Award Scheme and has been introduced to encourage businesses to go the extra mile to provide a workplace that supports employees to quit smoking.

Stoptober is the ideal time for workplaces to think about their role in supporting their staff and encouraging better health and wellbeing. Evidence suggests that 60% of smokers would like to quit their addiction to tobacco products, but do not always feel ready to take that first step. Taking part in the smokefree workplace award could be the little push your employee needs to send them on their smokefree journey.

Going smokefree benefits everyone in the workplace. Stopping smoking is the single most important step your employees can take to improve their health, and dramatically reduces the risk of developing serious health conditions, as well as improving the bank balance!

For employers, a smokefree workforce is a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Smoking costs employers £5.3 billion a year through increased sickness absence and smoking breaks, so supporting employees to quit makes financial sense, as well as showing your staff you care.

How to get involved

Step 1 – Sign the smokefree workplace declaration here: North Lincolnshire Smokefree Workplace pledge (office.com)

If you would like a printed version, please email carrie.butler@northlincs.gov.uk

This is a good opportunity to show your employees that you are committed to supporting them to go smokefree. Top tip- use a team meeting or get together to sign the pledge and/ or take a picture to share through internal communications. Please return the signed pledge to- carrie.butler@northlincs.gov.uk

Step 2 – Complete the application form, following the signing of the pledge, an application form will be emailed to you.

The application form should be completed showing how your workplace has met the commitments that were detailed in the smokefree pledge. Remember to provide evidence of the steps you have taken to go smokefree. Details of evidence required are included on the application form.

Please return the form to carrie.butler@northlincs.gov.uk

Step 3 – Receive the award!

The smokefree application form will be reviewed and you will be notified of your success within two weeks.

The Healthy workplace award scheme

There are also lots of other ways you can support your staff to become healthier. The smokefree workplace award is part of a wider healthy workplace award scheme that has been running in North Lincolnshire since 2013. The award consists of four levels - bronze , silver, gold and platinum and covers a range of health related topics such as healthy weight, mental health, musculoskeletal health and smoking and substance misuse. The scheme is open to all businesses and workplaces in North Lincolnshire and is completely free of charge.

The good news is that by taking part in the smokefree workplace award you will receive 40 points towards the bronze level of the Healthy Workplace Award.