Free trade zone to be discussed at next North Lincolnshire Ambassador Programme event

A breakfast meeting is taking place on 14 November to bring businesses together to discuss creating a free trade zone in North Lincolnshire.

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The event, taking place at San Pietro in Scunthorpe, will look to bring together businesses leaders to help direct the region’s policy on what and where a free trade zone would be once the UK leaves the European Union.

A guest speaker will give an oversight into how a free trade zone would benefit North Lincolnshire and what it could offer the indigenous business community.

Round table discussions will then take place based on key questions:

  • What is a free trade zone?
  • Where should the free trade zone be?
  • What incentives should be considered for the zone?
  • Should the free trade zone have restrictions?
  • What sectors should be included?
  • How do we, as a collective, promote and lobby for one in North Lincolnshire?

Following the event, North Lincolnshire Council in collaboration with the North Lincolnshire Ambassador Programme will seek to generate a public and private sector backed policy document that will be delivered direct to government, and seek to raise the aspirations of the region. We look forward to you attending and a further invite with more details will follow shortly.

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