25 August 2020

Expansion boost for local business FA Prep UK

A North Lincolnshire entrepreneur who took advantage of the recent boom in online shopping has doubled the size of his operations.

Businessman Devan Jordan, who set up FA Prep UK two years ago when he was 20, has taken on a second unit at Lake Enterprise Park on South Park Industrial Estate in Scunthorpe.

With the support of his close family, Devan in partnership with his Nana, started out selling his own goods on Amazon in between studying, and they then went on to set up FA Prep UK.

The company helps businesses selling through sites such as Amazon and Etsy. FA Prep UK can store, prepare, package and post their orders, and the rise in online seeing due to the coronavirus has seen his business expand into two warehouses, with hopes of taking on a third.

Devan never considered doing business anywhere but his home town, saying the pricing for warehouse units in North Lincolnshire was better than anywhere else. “From having the first unit in South Park Industrial Estate we never wanted to leave here so got a second unit in the exact same place.

“We are now looking at a combined bigger unit in a similar location to complete the growth project and settle down.”

He is keen to offer his services to other local businesses involved in e-selling.

“We can certainly help anybody wanting to sell online. If you have not heard about Amazon FBA or any other way of selling via e-commerce have a Google and a YouTube and invest your time into educating yourself.

“If you already sell online and are maybe struggling with keeping hold of your storage or looking to reduce those kind of costs then contact us via contact@faprepuk.com or visit www.faprepuk.com and we will see where we can help.”