5 November 2018

From apprentice engineer to entrepreneur - James finds cure for debilitating disease

A young North Lincolnshire man has defied the medical profession and found a natural cure for Crohn's disease, after years of suffering the chronic illness.

North Lincolnshire Council

The entrepreneur has now set up his own business, Henrys Health Hub, to help others and is looking to expand.

James Cook-Coulson (26) first discovered he had the disease after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which turned out to be Crohn's disease. The prognosis was grim - he was offered steroids and immune suppressants and was told if that didn't work he would have to have his large intestine removed and part of his small intestine and a colostomy bag fitted. He was also told he had a 50 per cent chance of dying. At the time James was just 21 years old.