LEADER Programme

The Programme is now open for applications and will run until 2020. There is £1.2m of funding available for projects that will create jobs and economic growth in our area.

LEADER Priorites

  • Priority 1: Support for increasing farm productivity
  • Priority 2: Support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversification
  • Priority 3: Support for Rural Tourism
  • Priority 4: Provision of rural services
  • Priority 5: Support for cultural and heritage
  • Priority 6: Increasing forestry

The Local Action Group is also up and running. The Local Action Group is a mixture of local public, private and voluntary organisations who have come together to deliver the Local Development Strategy for Northern Lincolnshire.

The group meets on a quarterly basis to make decisions on project applications, monitor budgets and review progress of the Local Development Strategy to ensure the priorities are being delivered.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the Expression of Interest and send it to leaderfunding@northlincs.gov.uk. Please note that EOI’s can be submitted at any time.

Decision Dates

Application Deadline

2 August 2018 4 October 2018

Decision Date

26 September 2018 28 November 2018

For more information on LEADER Funding please see LEADER Programme Handbook.

For all enquiries regarding LEADER please contact:
Shalon Perkins
LEADER Programme Coordinator
01724 297768

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